Life & FamilyApril 1, 2020

Easter Basket Ideas for Kids & Grown Ups

With Massachusetts extending the stay at home order through May 4th I realized Easter will be a “just us” situation and that I need to start ordering some goodies for Henry’s basket 9which I feel pressured to make extra good this year given the situation).  And for those family and friends you…
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InteriorsMarch 30, 2020

Simple Coffee Table Accessorizing

I’ve been asked a few times about how to style a coffee table… typically, this is the kind of thing that I do on a whim, utilizing a variety of accessories that were picked up at various sources for each client. But, after looking through pictures of our work, I noticed there is a bit of a formula I use! Since we’re all at home feeling antsy, maybe this can help you guys tackle this small but statement-making project!

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FashionMarch 27, 2020

Fashion Friday: Pastel Spring Looks Inspired by “Emma”

Image via director Autumn de Wilde for Vogue As I’m trying to recover from this never-ending cold (thanks pregnancy!) I took some time in bed to watch the new Emma movie yesterday and it was lovely. The whole thing, from costumes to set design, was a pastel colored confection.  So I was…
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SeriesMarch 25, 2020

Style Solutions: Awkward & Outdated Fireplaces

A new Style Solutions post for you today! Perhaps staying home is making you notice some little things that drive you crazy about your house? If so, email your problem to to be considered for the next installment! Today we’re talking about outdated, awkward fireplace mantels. It’s amazing how wrong these…
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Life & FamilyMarch 23, 2020

Helpful Supplies for Working/Teaching From Home

Since it looks like we will all be working from home and schooling our kids from home for the next few weeks (please, everyone DO IT so it’s only a few weeks not months), I thought some suggestions of some things that might help keep your stuff organized and therefore your mood…
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Fashion FridayMarch 20, 2020

Keep ’em Busy, Keep ‘Em Cozy

Today’s scheduled post was a sponsored post with Nordstrom about spring holiday looks for kids. Since the world seems to have imploded since agreeing to this post, we thought it would be better to change the topic to something  a little more relevant.  Nordstrom is discounting TONS of stuff 25% off right…
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InteriorsMarch 18, 2020

Book Recommendations & Bookshelf Styling Tips & Sources!

Michael J. Lee– I LOOOOVE this bookshelf/ reading nook. The wallpaper reminded me of old marbled endpapers and  it was the perfect hint of pattern! BOOKS , BABY! Lets start off with book recommendations- you guys were helpful in recommending your favorite reads for my Florida trip, and are the BEST distraction…
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Life & FamilyMarch 16, 2020

Thought on Baby Number 2 (Amidst A Global Pandemic)

This week I hit my third trimester and I am having feelings. ALL the feelings. Not only about this global health emergency (during which being pregnant is extra hard– lower immune system, scary trips to the doctor/ thoughts of going to the busy hospital, being in lockdown with a toddler for weeks…
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