May 5, 2023

Fashion Friday: Veronica Beard Event & Outfit Faves!

If I had to only wear ONE brand it would be Veronica Beard, and I say that as a very much unpaid spokeswoman for the brand :) I LOOOOOVE their stuff – from jeans to gowns – I am IN. It’s just classic great design, good quality and has a little edge to it that I really appreciate. My VB blazers get SO much use, as do my jeans, and while the items are pricey – they also LAST and so I feel better investing in a few great VB pieces a season. And right now there are some AMAZING things on sale available in a lot of sizes – some included in the outfits below!

But before we get to that I want to invite you to PLEASE come by the event I am hosting with my good friends Marla Mullen and Lauren Fornes next Thursday from 4-6 in the Newbury Street store! 10% of proceeds of purchases made that day will benefit the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement at the Cleveland Clinic and Lauren and I will both be signing copies of our books (Lauren’s linked here) in the store too! Grab some pals and hop over!

In the meantime, some favorite VB looks both in season and on sale – I literally want EVERY SINGLE LOOK! Click images for links!

Have a great weekend and I hope to see you on Thursday!


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