January 13, 2023

Fashion Friday: Essential Outerwear Wardrobe

Everyone loves a good capsule wardrobe – at least in theory, right? Last night as I was getting ready to go out I was looking through my (way too full) coat closet and still could not find the right coat for my outfit. I really needed a short black faux fur type situation, and I don’t have one. It got me thinking about essential outerwear – and if I were to create a closet from scratch of “must haves” (not including sports-specific outerwear) I think this would be it! What other types of capsule wardrobe roundups would you like to see?

Click images for links:

  1. The classic trench. A no brainer and must have.
  2. A black puffer coat for winter – this one fits awesome and is made of down alternative.
  3. A colorful statement coat- blue, red, pink – whatever, I love this blue tone. Also this one I saw in person.
  4. OMG I wear this faux leather puffer TO DEATH. And it’s on sale right now! I may also need it in black.
  5. An animal print coat – faux fur or other material. #leopardisaneutral (I am obsessed with this but way too $$$)
  6. A real or faux leather jacket, this one has a more blazer style, this one is a classic biker jacket.
  7. As mentioned above, a cropped furry black coat for “going out” (p.s did you see this article??)
  8. A teddy coat in a classic neutral.
  9. A tailored, fancier camel wool coat for dressier occasions or work.
  10. A textured sherpa vest – great weekend topper.
  11. An olive quilted field jacket. Another fall staple.
  12. A denim jacket – always.

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