January 3, 2023

2022 Faves: Beauty, Fitness & Books

OK, this took longer than expected so fashion and home faves for 2022 will have to wait, but here are my favorite items, services, books, workouts, etc. from 2022!


I got a lot of questions about beauty products and routines last year, and I’ve whittled down my favorite products here in one spot. I have some real faves now heading into 2023. Still looking for that magic eye cream though! Images linked in collage or below:

Cleansers: I love this Vitamin B oil cleanser (takes off everything) followed by this foaming cleanser. If I feel really dry I skip the second step.  This Zo exfoliator is SO good for weekly scrubs.

Moisturizers: I tried out this Zo Brightalive thanks to The Look & Co who suggested this line on IG, and I liked it so much I reordered (rare). I also love this face oil (I use it with a gua sha tool and it feels so awesome) and now can’t live without this sunscreen daily. And I love this Follain mask- it’s SO good!

Makeup: This Nars foundation is my go to (with this Make Up Forever tinted moisturizer on weekends), as is the Cle de Peau (although I preferred the old formula to the new one). My new FAVE find was the Rare Beauty liquid blush (it STAYS!).  I reordered both my fave Charlotte Tillbury cream eyeshadows again (Amber Gold, Oyster Pearl) and ahve to admit after having a tube that lasted for a good 6 months, this Chantecaille mascara- while absurdly priced) is the one I reach for the most by far.  For lips my go to this year was this Dior stain in Rosewood with their lip oil over it in Mahogany.

For dermatology services, as I’ve mentioned before, I see Dr. Brooke Sikora at Skincare Physicians in Chestnut Hill. She is also a dear friend, so I trust her implicitly to help me look my best without making me look dumb. The best thing I did this year was Quick Recovery Fraxel “Baby Fraxel” if you will. It made me realize how amazing the full force regular Fraxel will be and so I’m doing that in 2023 at some point. All those years baking in the sun have caught up to me, and it really helped with hyperpigmentation. She also does a little Botox (jaw muscles for TMJ/ overdeveloped masseter muscles, between eyebrows and above upper lip) and filler (cheekbone area). I tried microneedling this year twice at a spa, and to me it’s not worth the money. I’d rather use it for lasers- much better result.  For special events, I do love the medical grade hydrafacials with dermaplaning  (for locals, I see Maria at Bella Sante) – they really do make you look super plump and hydrated for a few days and exfoliate everything well.

Fitness and Health

In 2022 I got into the best shape of my life, but also got hit with my first real injury (bulging disc at my C6 vertebrae and also found mild arthritis through my neck). So I also had a setback and learned some things about my body. As I go through physical therapy and acupuncture (which is helping) to try to get back in fighting form, I’m also modifying my workouts to be a little less high impact.  Previously I was doing a lot of running, HIIT and weights. I still like a good run now and then, but am doing much more hiking on my favorite workout equipment/app ever, the Peloton Tread. I barely ride the bike anymore because I never really LIKED spinning, but the hiking classes are FIRE. Literally. My output numbers are higher than running and I sweat as much and it feels better on my joints. I also love the hiking and running bootcamps, strength classes, yoga, barre… big fan basically. My handle is @eringates1979 if you wanna be workout buds.

Apps I also use and like: Wilma Fit (strength training), Melissa Wood Health (pilates) and am going to try out Evlo Fitness (interested in her gentle eon the joints but hard on the muscles method).

For workout cloths, my ride or die leggings are Alo Airlift or Airbrush or Lndr for compression/ thicker style. I have this Athleta top is four colors, and these sneakers in 3 colors. And I finally found resistance bands that don’t slip around!

On a deeper level, I’ve been cleaning up my diet, trying to eat a bit less gluten and sugar, more protein, fiber and whole foods. But I do not deny myself if I’m craving something specific, I tend to think that’s my body telling me it needs something. Oh, and I have to admit that having the #influencerstandard  40 oz Stanley water bottle at home and one at work has increased my water intake tenfold. Something about the straw makes me drink more! And, as I mentioned on IG, I’m working with a functional MD to test my system for inflammation and hormone imbalances and do a little deep dive into how things are looking. I’ve felt a little “off” the past 6 months, and it’s probably stress related, but I want to make sure and work with her to find natural ways to cope with stress while staying on my medications- because I need them. End of story. :) Oh, and I hope to try out an infrared sauna this year- I hate regular saunas but this sounds like it might be good for me?


I read A LOT. It is the only way to quiet my mind. Here are some of my favorite reads of 2022. Currently reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck and already have underlined half the pages.




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