September 7, 2022

Mudroom Organizational Items

In our mudroom we have way more room than we used to, but still less than we need.  With two kids, backpacks, baby bags, coats, shoes– it’s the hub of our home and where EVERYTHING lands. As much as it pains me, we do plan on demoing this during our kitchen renovation coming up and creating a slightly larger mudroom with a cubby for each family member that really utilizes all the vertical height we have. This is part of the reason I still have not had a custom cushion made for this seat- because I know things are changing!

Durable materials and a bevy of storage options are key: hooks, baskets, outdoor rugs, a place to sit and put on shoes, something to drop mail on or in, bulletin boards/family calendars…. but not everyone has an actual dedicated mudroom with built ins. So here are some great pieces for mudrooms and entryways that need organizational help!

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Images by Jessica Delaney

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