July 13, 2022

My Home Keeping Favorites

Everyone likes a clean house. In fact, it’s been shown that having a clean, organized space is crucial to feeling good! I’m not going to lie, as a busy working mom with a husband who also works full time, we employ a cleaner to come 2x a month to give our house a good once over. And I am gearing up for another round of “let’s get rid of all our crap/clutter” because it always makes me feel better when I do.  In the meantime, here are some of my favorite home keeping items.  Some are on the more expensive side because I get a bizarre thrill out of even my cleaners having banging packaging. :) Hey, it’s the little things.  Click images for links– notes below on why I chose these!

Kitchen/ General:

The L’Avant gals sent me a bunch of their stuff to try, and they are so good. When I clean my kitchen with the all purpose cleaner it lifts my mood- the smell is so good. And we put the hand and dish soap at the office and it’s so pretty AND works so well (a little goes a long way).

I always stick with Williams Sonoma for dish towels (so absorbent) and classic oven mitts.

With dogs and kids a carpet spot cleaner comes in handy- this one is also great for upholstery. Also, Folex is the designer go-to for carpet stains (Nature’s Miracle also good).

The Dyson cordless stick vac was an investment- have never looked back. So worth it.

Silver wipes are great to have on hand for anything with tarnish, as is this red wine stain remover. Trust me- I’m the best focus group for that particular one. :) Works on other stains too.

With stone counters, it is good to give them a good cleaning once a week with proper stone cleaners- this is the one my stone fabricators have given me in the past.

This new candle from Diptyque is specifically for eliminating odors- perfect to keep int he kitchen near the trash to light before people pop over or after cooking a particularly pungent meal.


These under sink drawers are the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. GAME CHANGER.

We were shooting at a client’s house recently and she hand decanted mouthwash in all the bathrooms into these pretty glass carafes and I thought it was amazing.

All time fave hand wash and room scent (originally bought for Henry’s nursery- now use in ALL rooms)

A bath squeegee is ESSENTIAL if you have glass doors. Do not get out of the shower without using it on the doors and then you’ll never have to worry about water stains!

After lamenting about “too big” fitted sheets for my memory foam mattress a bunch of you recommened these sheet “suspenders”. I hate a bunchy fitted sheet!

Random, but this toothpaste is SO good. The only downside is it leaves a MESS int he sink (it’s VERY black). But man does my mouth feel so clean after and the best whitening I’ve used. Pair it with my fave toothbrush.

If I could only buy one candle, it would still be this one.

I think having a great hand steamer beats having an iron sometimes. Also great to de-wrinkle bedding and drapes.

This cleaner smells SO good.

The diamond cleaning pen I repurchase ALL the time (hack- use the toothpaste above with a regular toothbrush in a pinch)

I spray lavendar spray on my bedding every night. Does it help me sleep? Not really, but it does make me feel ncie!


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