July 6, 2022

Inspired By: Modern Maine Summer

(An un-styled scouting shot from our new Maine project we’re shooting in 2 weeks)

In a couple of weeks we head up to Maine to shoot the new home of a longtime “double long-distance” client of ours (they live in the South, we helped with that house, then the original Maine home, and then they built an amazing new home on the Maine coast as well).  Designing and decorating a home long distance where even the homeowner is also long distance is a feat- but we got to work in partnership with the fabulous Linda Banks on this one, and it was a true treat. Can’t wait to show you.  We hope to spend a little time in Maine this summer too, and it got me thinking about how a “modern Maine cottage” looks- so I pulled together some faves for you! Click images for links below, except for the Delft tile (HERE) and the Swans Island throw (these are exquisite and make the best VERY SPECIAL gifts- also the baby blankets are to die for and can be monogrammed- Emma has one and I adore it. And bonus, they are made in Maine!)

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