May 27, 2022

Fashion Friday: Kids Summer Clothes with Saks

As I said on IG this morning, it feels very strange to post about normal stuff right now. But if I don’t make money, I can’t donate to causes that will help change our broken system , and that does no one any good.  Aptly, this post celebrates my adorable kids (and yours) and summer fun- happy things all around!  My munchkins are SO big all of the sudden and so summer shopping has been happening fast and furious for me. And while it sometimes is hard to not buy “disposable priced” clothes for them, I’ve realized how some of my FAVORITE things my kids wear are hand me downs of well made, great pieces from friends! And I do the same with our too-small clothes. So for this reason I’ve been trying to buy better items that will last long enough to hand down to someone else- it’s green and allows you to have and inherit nicer items!

Saks has SUCH a great selection right now of such items- and since Emma is in a size 2 finally, the options have opened WIDE for my dreams of dressing a mini me :) She’s a spitfire, and down to get rough and dirty at the playground, but also loves a good swingy dress!

Ralph Lauren sweatsuit set TOP and BOTTOM  (so many playground compliments on this one- and great to mix and match with jeans or a solid color tee!)

Ralph Lauren dress (the check and the florals combined is SO perfect for summer- size down on this one though!)

And while my first baby is now a BIG KID who only wants to wear sweats and sport shorts, he was very proud to wear this t-shirt to school this week! :) And for the record, he IS the best big brother ever.

Here are some more finds from Saks I’m loving for my kiddos!

And as a side bar- while I was perusing their selection I was hit smack in the face with the most INSANE play tent situation I have ever seen by Dock-A-Tot. OMG! William Morris fabrics! Tasseled trims and cushions!!!!! I CAAAAAAAAAN’T!!!!! I want this so bad!


And one more find- my kids LIVE for both their little ball pit and indoor trampoline- this combination would make an excellent birthday gift for a kids ages 1-5!

*This post was sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue. All selections, styling and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting brands that keep EOS going and help me make financial contributions to support COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS!

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