April 27, 2022

Timeless Cabinetry Colors

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey- Jessica Delaney Photography


I think one of the hardest decisions people have making is paint colors- even more specifically, cabinetry and millwork paint colors. It’s a big commitment and not as easy to change as a wall color.  I hemmed and hawed (and painted roughly 60 samples) over choosing a pale neutral for my mini-makeover (above) and while it reads light on camera, it’s a fantastic pale greige in person.  So I thought it would be helpful to share a cheat sheet of some of our favorite cabinetry paint colors- hardly ALL of our favorites- but a good range of tones and colors to get you started sampling! Do you have a color you’ve used that you love? Hate? Share your experiences in comments!

Some examples from our projects.

Farrow and Ball Green Smoke- Sarah Winchester Photography

Farrow & Ball Downpipe- Michael J. Lee Photography

Benjamin Moore Simply White- Sarah Winchester Photography

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray- Sarah Winchester Photography

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy- Sarah Winchester Photography

Benjamin Moore Chelsea Grey- Michael J. Lee Photography



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