April 11, 2022

My Trip to Lake Austin Resort and Spa

Of note before I start this review- I paid entirely for this trip it was NOT sponsored. :)

Once a year my best friend from college and I try to take a long weekend trip- ideally to a spa/ wellness resort. She’s a very busy (brag alert: Emmy award winning) news anchor  who also has two kids and so we relish these few days off to take a breather from work/life and just have fun and relax. We’ve always been of the same temperament (not big on partying/ staying out late) so we are perfect travel partners. After seeing images of the Lake Austin Spa online I suggested we go there- and boy was it a good choice!

The lake is so calming and beautiful. I really loved the grounds and the vibe here- upscale but not intimidatingly so.

The rooms are like little cottages- if I go back, I;d ask for one down closer to the spa overlooking the lake instead of the driveway.

But they are so charming!

The only bummer was that the main pool, overlooking the lake, was closed for renovations. There were other lounge area to sit in the sun at, but this was a disappointment. It will be gorgeous when it’s done though.

My room was adorable- I immediately recognized some fabrics and was impressed with the quality.  This rug should have been bigger though :)

How darling is this wallpapered closet?

The cafe curtains, woven woods and desk area millwork were all adorable and so well done.

More wallpaper in the bathroom!

This was the living room in the main building- so gorgeously layered- it really felt like someone’s (incredible) home. Designer Brianna Wright did a fantastic job with the interiors!

This was called the Treehouse Room- and it was empty! It’s just a gathering spot on the second floor of the main building overlooking the lake. I loved the art and the mix of patterns and fabrics.

The Blue Room at the spa BLEW. MY. DAMN. MIND.  Everything in here was just amazing- the blue trim and stained ceiling with the wood paneled walls? The huge pewter chandelier. All the amazing DRAPES! I just loved this space. I got a massage and facial and both were good- the massage quite good, the facial more relaxing than I think DID anything for my skin but that seems to be how spa facials go.

The chandy! OMG.

Down off the pool by the lake is a little free-standing building that Is a library space and that was also mind-blowingly adorable! The pattern mixing is top notch.

Loved the variety of furniture styles and materials.

I packed ALL wrong- way too many fancy items, could have taken half what I did. Everyone is mostly in workout clothes, pool wear or straight up bathrobes all day- even to lunch! We did dress up a bit though (this skirt is old (similar), top is actually a workout top., sunglasses)

The only other bummer was that they do not have mixed drinks. Only wine and beer and a couple canned hard drinks.  Was REALLY jonesing for a margarita when I arrived, but you know I love wine so I got over it. Also wine with this view (and some cheese your bestie) is always great anyways.

The food is included in the room rate and it is SO good- really- healthy but not TOO healthy, and great options. Everything we had was delicious!

When not sunning,w roking out or spa-ing, we spent a lot of time like this :)

They have TONS of fitness classes- from yoga to boxing, bootcamps, hiking…you name it! We did kickboxing, a cardio/ weights class, a yoga class on the dock (heaven) and took out paddle boards and kayaks. I love a vacation with a mix of activity and rest. I wish we had one more day there and would have done the 5 mile hike!

I feel very uncomfy posting myself in a bikini but a lot of people asked about this suit on IG- sold out in white but here is top and bottom in other colors). Erika’s is Solid & Striped

We took a water taxi (I.e. speedboat) down the lake into the city of Austin for dinner one night- HIGHLY recommend. (The dress I’m wearing is Erika’s because I hated everything I had- it’s Poupette St Barth and old but this is the same one in another color)

This really is the perfect escape for a girls weekend (lots more groups of women than men, FYI).  The staff was wonderful, every need met (minus the margarita) and I will certainly be returning! In the meantime, some items to bring the look of this spectacular little slice of heaven into your own home.

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