March 21, 2022

Your French Range (& More) Feedback

I got SO many responses from my Instagram request for feedback on French ranges, and SO many of you wanted me to share what I heard here – so here is a quick recap of the feedback I heard. PLEASE leave a comment with your own feedback so people can review and make their own assessments though!


This is the range I am most drawn to appearance wise. Many of you like this range but said that it was hard to install/ installed improperly by builders because it’s more complicated and that the small ovens were tricky unless you have a separate large wall oven (which I plan to do).  Repairs can be tough as there are not many authorized repair people and I can’t find a single retailer in New England for them, which makes me personally nervous. But those who LOVE this range, really love it. A few people said they regret it – I know one designer who says it’s a HUGE regret of hers, but I have a girlfriend who has one and absolutely loves it. Can configure the cooktop to be just about any mix of things, including induction burners, which is awesome. A very long wait to get as well (what isn’t?), and very expensive. Odd sizing from standard American ranges.


Higher ratings than La Canche for reliability, ease of repairs and overall performance. Very few people said they regretted this range.  Sold by more appliance places than La Canche, which says something. Smaller ovens, again, and the doors open to the side which can be a little tricky, but again- if you have a wall oven as well, the smaller ovens are supplemental.  They do have an all induction top option which is interesting/better for the environment. 43″ wide, which is odd and so replacing with a standard 48″ would be very tricky with cabinetry.


This brand is new to me and gets rave reviews by our preferred appliance vendor. Many of you suggested it too and said it’s awesome. It’s a “chef’s range”, and made in the USA with shorter lead times than lots of other ranges right now. You can choose from SO many colors and add brass accents- but have the functionality of a Wolf-like range. Only issue for me is the ovens are ONLY gas. I wish they had an electric option.



The classic go-to, but right now the wait times for these are astronomically long. Tons of great reviews, kind of boring looking, in my opinion. You can get other color knobs, but I still find it a bit utilitarian. That said, the range top we currently have is Wolf and is 18 years old and still works great.


Mixed reviews from you guys on this one, mostly good, a few not so good. Comparable to Wolf in looks, a little more detail. Not a ton of you have this so I don’t have a ton of information.


Ilve is intriguing to me. Lots of good reviews, some said it feels a little “cheap”/ not a heavy as the French ranges, which isn’t surprising.  But the price is good, the wait is shorter and the style very comparable to the French ranges. They also have an induction option. Curious to hear from more of you about this one! There are two lines Majestic (shown) and Nostalgie.


Almost comically bad reviews, minus a couple people who like their older models. I’d stay away completely.

CAFE & Monogram Professional

No one mentioned either of these brands which I wonder about. Anyone???

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