February 11, 2022

Fashion Friday: My Haircare and Styling Routine

First off, I have to say that I was reasonably blessed in the hair genetics department. My mom has always had crazy thick, wavy hair, and I inherited that. But when I was little I HATED how thick my hair was. It always felt so heavy and cumbersome- that is after I grew out my middle school mullet (yikes).  Bobs just resulted in a triangle of hair.  I made the unfortunate choice to get a spiral perm once or twice in the early 90’s.  I also went the mall in college and got the shaggy “Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail” style (terrible on non-pixie like blondes, lemme tell you). Basically, I fought it and tried to make my hair something it wasn’t. In adulthood I’ve embraced the wavy texture, but also like that I can blow it out straight. I’ve kept it longer lately, but am sure I’ll cut it again. But there is one thing I know for sure- there is a lot of emotion tied to women’s hair.

I’ve had a few instances of extreme stress and hormonal shifts causing excessive shedding and letting it really affect my self esteem (event hough no one else could tell a thing, I felt like I was on the verge of going bald). Basically, an extreme version of a bad hair day ruining your mood.  Some variation of this happens to almost all of us at some point, especially after having a baby, and also, ya know, a global pandemic. So lately I’ve been trying to treat my hair the best I can, take supplements, add collagen powder to my morning smoothie and not heat style it too much.  And so many of you have made kind comments in my video posts about my hair and asking what I use to style it so I thought today I’d share my current routine that I’m happy with. Click images for links:

  1. I’ve been using Vegamour shampoo and conditioner for about 2 months now and I really love it. It makes my hair feel really healthy and moisturized but not weighed down.
  2.  I also have been using this foam that promotes growth- the bottle is TINY for the price, so I’m still on the fence but so far so good.
  3. When I shampoo I use this scalp massager now to promote circulation and really get all the dry shampoo outta my hair. It feels great, too.
  4. This moisturizing balm is awesome if your hair is dry. Adds a lot of shine but doesn’t feel super heavy (just don’t use too much!)
  5. I also have used this heat protection cream for years as well- one bottle lasts SO long and it also really helps with frizz and shine (and smells amazing).
  6. I’ve been taking these supplements for a few months too- my dermatologist sells them so I know they can’t be total bull :) My shedding HAS reduced and I’ve seen new growth.
  7. THE BEST round brush for drying!
  8. I tried the Dyson Airwrap and hated it, have not tried just the dryer, but this one is cheaper and dries so fast!
  9. I use a 1″ curling wand for my waves. I don’t keep each section on long so they are looser but still last.
  10. Just discovered this detox shampoo and LOVE it after a week of lots of dry shampoo. I use once a week.
  11. This dry shampoo gives the BEST volume (but does leave some white residue so you gotta tussle it for a while to get rid of the whole “founding fathers” look.
  12. When I don’t need as much volume and don’t want white residue but need to freshen up my hair I use this version.

I’ve had a few people also ask me how often I wash my hair and how I combine that with daily work outs. I wash my hair every 2-3 days. Usually I wash and dry one day, the next day use dry shampoo and restyle a bit and day 3 it’s up in a bun. Rinse and repeat, literally.  If I’ve had a particularly sweaty workout I will wash more often. You have to find a balance between washing it enough but not too much.  Too much and your hair can get damaged from all the heat styling, too little and your scalp gets build up that blocks your follicles and inhibits growth.

Last but not least, for you locals who want to know, I get my hair cut and colored by Nicholas Penna at Salon Capri (Newbury Street, Newton and Dedham locations)

*photo by Sarah Grayson Photography

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