January 5, 2022

Frequently Requested Paint Colors

There was an interesting debate recently on my Instagram when I spoke about being torn about sharing paint colors.  There were a lot of interesting points from various designers and readers (and some snark) and I think that there is a case to be argued that sharing a paint color is ok, as it’s just one piece of a very layered and complicated puzzle that is a full room design. Plus, colors look VASTLY different in everyone’s homes so what looks one way in my house may look VERY different in your house (or even room to room as the light direction changes).  People should use imagery as a reference in picking colors, not necessarily the exact color itself. So I’ve decided that paint colors are fair game, but other sources (unless in my own house, which I will happily share) are not.  Our clients pay us good money to source items for them and giving it away does not help to maintain our value as a business. And this is A BUSINESS folks, not a fun hobby.

That said, today I’m sharing some of my most requested paint colors from images I’ve posted. I hope you find this helpful.

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