January 14, 2022

Fashion Friday: Ski and Cold Weather Gear

As I mentioned before, I am 18 years out from the last time I skied. Growing up we had a ski house in Vermont and so I skied my fair share of weekends and vacations and really loved it. However, I married a man who has never skied and so it fell off my radar of activities I participated in. And then I was pregnant and had babies for such a long stretch, it never was an option. And now I think I want to get back into it. Although skiing with little kids sounds like torture- the lodge and all the gear and the complaining… :) We’re going to Vermont next weekend to the Equinox Resort with the kids and instead of skiing I’m hiking UP a mountain (don’t ask me why).  But it’s a baby step to getting back on the mountain. And the fun outerwear is certainly a nice side dish to the sport.  Whenever I get the Gorsuch catalog I’m inspired to pour myself into a one piece ski suit and head north. Or west (I’ve never skied out west and I know it’s so much better than the northeast!)

So here are some athletic outerwear items I’ve been eyeing or buying (many of you asked for this kind of round up). That $1,800 Bogner suit is my dream but let’s be honest…. #notachance. Click images for links!

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