September 29, 2021

Here We Go Again…

So here is a life lesson for ya… NEVER SAY NEVER!

After completing my second book, I swore up and down that was IT for me. No more. As much as I like things in threes, no – I would not write a third.

Well, look at me now, eating my words as I announce that yes, I am officially writing a third Elements of Style book for Simon & Schuster. Before you get too excited, it’s gonna be a while. A few years to be exact. In agreeing to do one more, I wanted to give myself ample time to get it right, shoot all the projects I haven’t been able to over the past 2 years (COVID, baby, move, etc.) and also finish my own house. I can’t divulge too much, but I can tell you the focus will be on renovations – big and small. And no, I’m not sure what the spine will be yet – open to your ideas, of course!

Stay tuned as we progress through the book process once more, and in the meantime get caught up on books one and two ;)

Thank you for all your support with these books. They are such a labor of love and I’m still amazed at their success, thanks to you and the incredible team of people I have around me.

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