August 9, 2021

Molly’s New (Old) House: Family Room Plans

Molly here! Now that we’ve officially closed on the new house, we are traveling for a few weeks while the floors are refinished and interiors are painted. I’ll be sharing some kitchen updates soon, but it’s currently an empty shell, and I’m in denial about the fact that we aren’t going to have a kitchen for a few months (to quote the co-host of my current favorite podcast, The Deep Dive, June Diane Raphael – “not gonna take that on”). In the meantime, Erin asked that I share my plans for the rest of the house!

First up is our family room. It’s pretty much a requirement of my employment at EGD (in addition to being anti-ceiling fan – ahhh! Don’t @ me – I didn’t make this rule and am personally ambivalent) to love blue and green. As such, most of the rooms in this house will be a combination of blues, greens and warm neutrals, so I wanted to bring in some more color and step out of my comfort zone a tiny bit in this family room (keeping in mind my English country/Shaker/Colonial vibes), to make it extra cozy and layered, since I know we’ll be spending a ton of time in here.

The jumping off point was this fabric, which I found on Etsy. I spent a lot of time looking for the perfect hand-blocked print (there are SO many – should I share some? It was so hard to choose!), and am having it made into a table cloth for a skirted side table. From there, I realized I have a piece of art that my mom gave me that ties in every color in the Etsy fabric. I’m also repurposing the rug I found on Linda’s Barn last year in here.

Here’s the overall plan:

flush mount // tv // console // throw pillows // skirted table fabric // window seat fabric (working with an Etsy workroom on this… I ordered my fabric from Ballard, but it looks like it’s sold out)  // leopard pillow // storage ottoman (in Downey Blue stripe) // rug (similar here) // jute rug // sectional // side table // table lamp

Here is the family room currently. We removed the sconces and are adding a flush mount in the center of the room (Allison says it’s too small – I think she might be right! Open to other suggestions). We’re keeping the shutters. Also, the floors are already done, but I don’t have a photo yet – they’re stained a dark walnut-like tone (Bona Jacobean). I’m truly giddy thinking of all the afternoon naps I’m going to take in here once we’re done.

Will continue to share our plans over the next few weeks/months! Erin will be back later this week :)

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