August 18, 2021

A Favorite Element: Framed Intaglios

When I shared this little sneak peek on Instagram the other day from my NYC shoot, I got a lot of DM’s about what this art was!  They are a pair of custom framed plaster intaglios– and I have LOVE using them in my designs! Sometimes a room is already full of various pieces of art- paintings, drawings, mirrors, etc but you need something else to fill a wall without adding TOO much of a statement. Enter framed intaglios.  Matted on fabric, grasscloth or paper- with extra wide mats or not- they can add the exact amount of restrained interest you need.  Form far away they look modern and graphic, but up close are rather traditional. I just love them. So here are some sources for them- click images for links except the star on which is linked HERE.

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