March 29, 2021

The Struggle Is Real.

I feel like I’m constantly saying this these days, but I’m really struggling to get my blog posts up on the schedule I have set for myself. So I’m here to admit that I may be a little more sporadic than normal this week and next as I work from home/the barn and try to catch up on all the design work (and other exciting projects I have in the works). I have a lot I want to share, it’s just I’ve been very “chicken with my head cut off” as of late with my schedule and I also am dealing with a bit of burnout, admittedly.  I haven’t even had time to order any of the furniture for my house, and my creativity is suffering a bit currently with the office move, parenting, stress, etc. Just need to regroup a little it! So thanks for your patience.

I appreciate the support and your dedication to this blog, and promise to get back to regularly scheduled programming soon!



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