February 19, 2021

Fashion Friday: The “New” Trend I’m Giving A Hard NO To.

I was on the J.Crew site yesterday perusing “new arrivals” when I came across something truly horrifying. TEVAS. Now, I get that things come back around “in style” every few years- and I sometimes bristle at them at first (i.e. puffy sleeves and Birkenstocks) and then eventually, maybe come around a little bit, but this???? This is a forever HARD PASS. Maybe because I associate Teva’s with the early 90’s and my painfully awkward middle school years? But also, they are just flat out hideous. Sorry to any fans, I just can’t get on board with anything from the truly heinous late 80’s/ early 90’s era. Especially these.

Instead, here are some lovely flat, comfy sandals that look grown up and classic. Because unless you are a toddler or strapping in for spin class, you should really not have Velcro on your shoes. #justsayin



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