November 4, 2020

Long Distance Thanksgiving Gifts

Because of the ongoing pandemic a lot of us won’t be able to be with our loved ones during Thanksgiving this year, but it’s a nice idea to start thinking about sending a little something to those you will miss seeing to remind them that you are thinking of them. I rounded up some ideas, both playful and thoughtful, for things you can ship or order and drop off to spread a little much-needed cheer!

  1. A snuggly monogrammed blanket to keep them warm while quarantined at home.
  2. This wine tote would be adorable with a good bottle of wine in it– you could just drop off on someone’s doorstep!
  3. A gorgeous bunch of hydrangeas to set the table with.
  4. A eye-catching jug of olive oil is so pretty on a counter AND useful for cooking!
  5. A dried wheat wreath is simple and stunning on a front door.
  6. Who wouldn’t like getting a selection of Vermont cheeses delivered to them?
  7. Super pretty blockprinted napkins.
  8. This book is breathtaking in its beauty as an object as well and full of pretty floral imagery and info.
  9. How adorable is this powder blue electric tea kettle???
  10. These belgian linen masks convey a happy message and 25% of the price is donated to Doctors Without Borders.
  11. Delightful cocktail mixers because….2020.
  12. I love these paper, color-your-own placemats— for adults and kids!
  13. A gorgeous cheese knife set (something I would never buy for myself but often wish I had).
  14. This cute “calm” tea gift box because, well…..2020.
  15. A yummy fall candle paired with a cute matchbox.
  16. This needlepoint pillow makes me laugh – so does this one. #2020 :)
  17. I want this velvet bee sleep mask myself!
  18. Send a bit of blue sky their way!
  19. This CBD balm cracked me up. I also think I need to get on the CBD train.
  20.  This vase and branches combo is SO simple yet striking. Perfect for a Thanksgiving table!


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