November 11, 2020


Tree above from Terrain.

I noticed the other day that everyone seems to be posting holiday content REAL early this year – probably because with COVID, shipping times are really slow for a lot of stuff. So I’m joining rank and starting early too – my gift guides will begin NEXT WEEK, and in the meantime I thought I’d start with some home decor for Christmas – trees, wreaths, garlands and ornaments. One of the things Andrew is SO excited about with the new house is that it is a “multiple tree” house. This has been Buddy the Elf’s dream since I met him. And I admit, it’ll be nice to have a “designer tree” in the formal living room and a “family tree” for the more meaningful, handmade ornaments (and some funny ones) in the family room. Click images for links (except where noted)!

*garland linked here, banister ties linked here.

*Botox ornament linked here.

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