November 16, 2020

Gift Guides 2020: For Her

Alright, here we go! Gift guide time! I am trying to keep these guides practical given the state of the world – so focusing on self-care, coziness, things you can use/do at home. Also, our Holiday Shop was just restocked with some more art and goodies, so go check it out before it sells out again!

Click images (with some exceptions- links also below).

  1. Since we’re all doing at-home nails right now, this pedicure system from Olive & June is awesome.
  2. These affordable Tory Burch bracelets support her foundation which empowers female entrepreneurs.
  3. Original art for under $100? Shop our holiday shop!
  4. This winter hat with attachable mask is pretty genius for the cold months.
  5. A Tata Harper starter pack for those not yet addicted to her stuff.
  6. CBD Gummies to help her weather the COVID stress.
  7. Part slipper, part shoe, these are SO comfy and chic at the same time.
  8. This necklace can be a sweet reminder of someone she loves.
  9. I love the messaging on these candles, since not many of us will be able to socialize this holiday season.
  10. This puzzle will look like art on the table when it’s done.
  11. A Dudley Stephens fleece turtleneck– again, if she doesn’t own one (or four), she needs to.
  12. I am OBSESSED with these mittens that zip open to use your phone!
  13. A mini Theragun! I want one for my office so I can massage out my neck from hunching over my computer all day.
  14. Monogrammed iPhone case like the one I have! Lots of options!
  15. A super cute pack of masks.
  16. A selection of some of my favorite Hermes scents.
  17. A gift subscription to Masterclass for the year- take these amazing online classes from your favorite inspirational folks (buy one, get one today!)
  18. The COOLEST pajamas.
  19. CBD bath salts (can you sense a theme?)
  20. The best smelling, fancy hand sanitizer on the planet.
  21. For the gal who misses her facials – this device is supposed to work wonders.
  22. For some reason I am obsessed with this velvet hot water bottle. Pair with some fancy teas or slippers for the perfect “cozy at home” gift.
  23. A super classic jacket in espresso – or a bold color.
  24. UrbanStems has a flower subscription – keep the gifts of pretty blooms coming!
  25. These sherpa lined socks look SO cute and cozy.
  26. This washable silk eye mask looks really relaxing and has great reviews. On my personal list!
  27. A vegan leather tote that you can mix and match straps with (see 31).
  28. Cute little bow earrings.
  29. This cashmere blend sweatsuit is SO good- comes in a few color options.
  30. Customizable stripe Apple Watch bands.
  31. Handbag straps in stripes.
  32. A faux leather trimmed poncho with sleeves – layer over a fitted long sleeve tee.
  33. Spurge Gift: My Les Points bracelet from M. Flynn.
  34. A pretty new yoga mat for at home workouts.
  35. Faux Alhambra earrings :) Or gun for the real Van Cleef ones if you wish :)
  36. This pan is supposed to be awesome.

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