September 30, 2020

Target Runs As Therapy

Yesterday I felt off.  Something in me felt heavy and just when I began wondering why that was, I remembered, oh right- the world is a dumpster fire and I just had a baby! DUH.  As I was driving home after a site visit I had an hour to kill, which rarely happens and usually I try to work out before going into “Mom Mode”.  But yesterday I had no interest in working out, I knew exactly what I needed to feel better– a Target run. Sometimes Whole Foods is a good stand in for this, but Target really just does it for me. A whole hour in Target ALONE to just wander the aisles and plop things I absolutely don’t need into my cart and forget about the world and all it’s horrible problems. Debate? What debate? I found an amazing new candle! COVID? Nah, how about a fluffy monster costume that turns my four year old into a walking, talking stuffed animal?! Global warming? I can’t deal right now, but I CAN deal with the $35 faux fur coatigan I just got! I also have channeled some of my negative energy into Halloween decorating/celebrating and am trying to find ways to make it really fun for Henry since it’ll be unlike any year past and he loves it so much.

We can’t spend all day every day worrying about the world. It’s not healthy. And there is A LOT to worry about. So when you can find a way to check out mentally for a little while, DO IT.  Reading is one of the best ways for me, but these little Target runs (which I just started doing again recently, I never went when the pandemic was at its height).  For some it’s baking, or Netflix binges or spinning.

But for now, my Target finds, with commentary below. CLICK IMAGES FOR LINKS.

  • This Fig scent from Magnolia is REALLY good! I got the the candle and diffuser.
  • I want a reason to serve fall soup in a pumpkin bowl, but probably won’t have the chance this year.
  • I also bought this adorable faux fur-ish unlined cardi/coat in black, but loved the ivory too- they were just out of my size.
  • I bought Henry these ADORABLE pirate sheets that look VERY Serena & Lily.
  • Also for Henry, who now only wants to wear “cozy pants” these great joggers.  And I may have squealed when I saw this vintage Queen t-shirt since they are his FAVORITE band right now.
  • These baby Emma items weren’t AT my Target, but HOLY CUTENESS!
  • The fuzzy monster costume I can’t get Henry to take off since I brought it home yesterday and I don’t care one bit.
  • ALLLLLLLLL the Halloween stuff I can grab- a giant spiderweb and spiders for the front of our house and some games for H to play with his quaranteam pals.
  • I’ve taken to putting these candy googly eyes on everything for Henry – pancakes, toast… an easy thrill.

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