June 17, 2020

Project Reveal: An Exterior Makeover

Hello, hello! Molly here. While Erin is spending time with her precious Emma and Henry, I (along with the rest of the team) am working on some fun content here for you all to enjoy, so let’s get to it…

As Erin mentioned during the early days of social distancing, we were taking on a few additional e-design projects this spring. A local blog reader reached out to ask for help selecting a paint color for the exterior of her home, and knowing how challenging yet impactful this can be, we thought it would make for a great before/after for the blog!

Let’s start with the before:

As you can see, they have a beautiful yard and the house had so much potential, but it was looking a bit dated, and we know that making a big change can be so daunting. The client let us know she was hoping for a traditional New England look, and preferred light, blue-ish grays, white, dark blue and black. Generally, she wanted something classic and timeless that would age well, but wouldn’t look like every other house in town.

Based on this, Erin and Eliza put together several color palettes for the client to choose from. Eliza even mocked up a few schemes to make it easier to envision:


It’s really tricky to get these right on a computer screen (even for a Photoshop Wizard(TM) like Eliza), since so much depends on time of day, sunlight, angle, etc., so we always suggest testing out colors. And that’s exactly what the client did…


After much deliberation, they finally landed on BM Cape May Cobblestone on the shingles, BM White Dove on the trim and BM Black Tar on the doors & shutters. According to the client, “We tried out probably 12 greys and had such a hard time but in the end, I’m from Philadelphia so Cape May (close to Philadelphia) won out! And it turned out great. I particularly love the Black Tar because it’s dark, but has a bunch of grey to it, like a graphite type color.”

Et voila!


Like a breath of fresh air! We are thrilled with how this came out, and hope that this before/after has inspired you to take the plunge on a big change you’ve been debating. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few of Erin’s ideas to spruce up the exterior of your home without the expense of a full overhaul (some of the links in the older posts might not work – feel free to comment with any questions and I’ll find a replacement for you!)…

Classic but Cool Exterior Color Palettes

An Outdoor Planter Round Up

Pillow & Planter Pairings

Finally, thank you to everyone who submitted their home offices for the next Style Solutions! Keep an eye out for the design by Allison next week. We’ll be doing more of these in the coming weeks, and I’ll make sure to post on Erin’s Instagram if we’re looking for anything in particular.

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