April 6, 2020

Ultimate Cloth Napkin and Paper Towel Alternative Roundup!

Napkins above are Amanda Lindroth

Many of you asked for a post on cloth napkins and other re-usable cleaning cloths and paper towel alternatives. So here I am, with a heck of a roundup of all those things!  It’s a nice, environmentally conscious thing to do, even if simply driven by paper goods shortages due to a pandemic. :)  It also will help make mealtime at home feel a bit more special. I’m super partial to the great block print options out there!  Many of these sets are on sale, so stock up!  More casual types of napkins looks good without needing to iron (because who wants to iron napkins right now?) but I did include some more formal monogrammed options too because it’s a good excuse to finally get yourself some proper napkins!


(click images for links except those with letters which are linked below)

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I am about ready to toss my dirty, mismatched dishtowels and replace them with fresh ones. And also quite interested in these great microfiber cleaning cloths.  Also included are some bulk packs of paper towel alternatives– keep these in a basket under the sink or next to a bathroom sink and another basket for people to toss them for the wash– having a single hand towel in the bathroom used by multiple people doesn’t feel the cleanest right now.


Link for: D

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