April 3, 2020

Fashion Friday: That Quarantined Caftan Life

A couple of you mentioned that during this work from home/ quarantined crazy time wanting a roundup of caftans a.k.a tablecloths for your body.  As the weather HOPEFULLY gets nicer, it will feel good to wear something other than leggings and sweatpants for comfort.  Enter the caftan. There’s actually a “#caftanchallenge” going on on IG right now amongst designers supporting the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club, so it seemed appropriate too.

Caftan to means just a loose, completely not constrictive dress.  I prefer mine to be like long tunics, but I appreciate the billowy type frocks as well. I even found this amazing jacket style piece when searching “caftan” so I included that too.  And since caftans and cocktails go together, CHEERS to the weekend (it’s the weekend right? I’ve lost count)



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