March 16, 2020

Thought on Baby Number 2 (Amidst A Global Pandemic)

This week I hit my third trimester and I am having feelings. ALL the feelings. Not only about this global health emergency (during which being pregnant is extra hard– lower immune system, scary trips to the doctor/ thoughts of going to the busy hospital, being in lockdown with a toddler for weeks and not being able to drink, etc…), but also about the fact that I’m about to completely change the life we have so comfortably settled into.  It’s been me, Andrew and Henry for almost four and a half years. I desperately wanted to give him a sibling, and now that it’s almost go-time, I’m struggling with some sadness over introducing a “stranger” into our cozy, little club. Is that crazy? I mean, I fought tooth and nail for this, cried over it many times and now I’m feeling worried about what it’s going to do to our nuclear family. I think this is natural, but I’d love to hear from you guys if you had similar worries before welcoming a second child? Henry has been talking to my bump and saying things like “Give your big brother a kick!” and that has been beyond adorable. He’s so excited about becoming a big brother, but I’ve also noticed him acting out more, which I think is the natural response to knowing big change is on the way. We all, as a family, need to brace for change, and embrace the change, and know that it is all amazing and magical and confusing and will take time to get used to. Picturing myself going back to bottlesand pumping though- now that is really a mindf*ck (pardon my language, but it IS).

Mix all these conflicting emotions up with the panic I feel about COVID-19 and all of us remaining healthy, and I’m feeling beyond worn out, tired and on edge. For now our nanny is still coming to the house (she’s extra cautious and not socializing beyond us and Henry) and Andrew and I are coming to my office alone for some of the day to work (I am so lucky to have this space 3 blocks form our house- a change of scenery really helps).  Should things worsen, and I suspect they will for a bit, we’ll probably just stay home and switch on and off with childcare.  Luckily both our businesses can be run virtually and we are both busy.

But to keep my mind busy I’m focusing on work projects, thinking up things for Henry to do during the day (virtual music classes and dance classes, baking, art projects, games, playing outside in the yard or nature walks), doing pre-natal yoga every day and STAYING OFF THE NEWS SITES.  I easily can spiral down a rabbit hole of internet news and it really ramps up my anxiety, so I’ve committed to only checking reputable sites once a day and then staying away. I also am taking on lots of organization projects at the house in preparation for baby and general cleansing of our space (both sanitation-wise and clutter-wise).  I’ll post about some of these projects if you’re interested in my approach. I plan to keep my posts pretty light and entertaining while we are all distancing ourselves as a means of distraction.

I’m also trying to get into the spirit of planning for this baby coming in 12 weeks- the nursery and getting the essentials in order. I have a lot of stuff from Henry that I can re-use, and some stuff I want to update/replace to get the newest safety features, etc. as well as some things I hated that I had and want new options for. Someone on IG said their baby shower was getting cancelled due to the quarantines and they wanted to know what my list of “essentials” were to help them create a registry. So I gathered up baby items today to share with you- either stuff I have, items you guys have recommended recently or things I have heard good things about.

  1. This carrier is STUPID expensive, but I must have it. I’ve heard its super comfy too. I also really loved my Baby Bjorn carrier- this mesh version looks awesome for warmer months.
  2. After having a regular glider for my first baby, I swore up and down that next time I’d get a glider-recliner. Way more comfy when baby falls asleep or middle of the night feedings/ naps. This is one we’ve used for many clients and they love it.
  3. OK, so we may rent the Snoo starting at 6 weeks to see if it works or if we need it (thanks for all your DM’s on IG about this) but I have heard great things about this Baby Bjorn bassinet.  I’m a big fan of their products in general, so we plan to get this to start.
  4. I hated my bottle warmer I had, so I plan to get this one– which also can serve as a mini steam sanitizer! We have little counter space in our small kitchen so I can’t do the big, honking contraptions that make formula bottles plus a separate sterilizer.
  5. We LOVED our Bumbo once Henry could sit up! The best! Get the tray too.
  6. OK, so I have the 2015 Nuna Pipa car seat and loved it. So safe and cozy. But it was pretty heavy. They came out with a new version that is barely above 5 lbs. So I’m selling mine to a second hand shop and getting the new version.
  7. My photographer Sarah gave me her hand me down mesh Baby Bjorn bouncer chair for Henry and he LOOOOOOVED it. I then gave it to Henry’s godparents to use with their baby who also loved it. So I’m getting a fresh one for this baby!
  8. Recovering from childbirth is NO JOKE.  My friend Caroline told me “whatever you do, don’t look. It’s like a Tim Burton bouncy house down there for a week or so after!”  She was hysterically (and disgustingly) right.  I love this kit– what a great gift to put in your hospital bag!
  9. We love this simple, classic sound machine. Not too many bells and whistles.
  10. YOU MUST HAVE A SNOT SUCKER. Obviosuly I’ll get a fresh one for this baby. And also will remember to check to make sure the filter is in it before use, as I didn’t check once with Henry and basically mainlined snot into my mouth.
  11. I was gifted a couple strollers from brands for Henry that I liked- A Uppa Baby Vista (a little too big for our needs/ too heavy to transport but a lovely stroller) and a Nuna Mixx (I loved this one for baby stage). Both are getting donated and I’m treating myself to a new one. I think I’m getting the newer Nuna Mixx. I love that the seat fully reclines so with an infant insert you don’t need a bassinet.  It’s big enough for all your stuff, but not insanely cumbersome- only downside is that they don’t make a ride on board for Henry. I found a generic one though, so that should work.  Otherwise I was looking at the Uppababy Cruz– which looks more compact and has a great ride on board. Thoughts??  We use this size stroller most at home- walking to the park, shops/coffee and such. We tend to use a travel stroller if packing up to go somewhere in the car.
  12. I plan on using this wipeable changing pad because I found myself constantly washing the changing pad covers of my basic one last go round.
  13.  We loved the Halo Sleepsack for Henry- he wore different versions of them until he was 3.
  14. I have a Dock-a-tot but want to get this cover and the toy bar! I also have heard great things about Snuggle Me Organic as an alternate to this.
  15. Many of you messaged me about the Ollie Swaddle! So I plan on getting one to try out too!
  16. I love Lewis’ printed swaddles and jammies- this is a cute hospital outfit to pack up!
  17. Pehr swaddles are adorable and such high quality- this pink leopard? Oh yes.
  18. The ride on board for the Yoyo stroller (see comments for 19)
  19. We had a few travel strollers, none of which we loved. I have heard great things about the Babyzen Yoyo. And I love that it has a ride on board and I can make it work with my carseat. I feel like this will last for a long time, from baby through toddler for that reason. Plus it fits in an overhead bin on a plane (when we can eventually fly again).
  20. We tried a lot of monitors and this one has been my total fave- getting a second camera for it and keeping it simple.
  21. The BEST diaper pail. End of story.
  22. I used a diaper clutch in my normal bags most often with Henry. This one from Mark & Graham is super chic!

Hope everyone is staying safe, keeping their distance and washing their hands!

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