February 19, 2020

Source Spotlight: Courtney Barton

I’ve know of Courtney Barton since the early days of blogging.  While we’ve never actually MET, I’ve followed her journey for years and years– and this week I noticed she turned her previous business, Mela & Roam, into an eponymous shop with some wonderful treasures. Her Indian textiles are just gorgeous and so unique.  She has a shop in Houston, TX and a booth at Round Top (somewhere I NEED to go one of these days!)…

Her style is so layered and textured and full of stories!

Since her Mela & Roam days she’s had these incredible dohar blankets (I’ve gifted the baby ones a couple times) and here a large one was geniously made into a shower curtain!

I believe this painting originally belonged to Erika Powell, a good friend of Courtney, and I’ve loved it since I first saw it. So adorable in her son’s nursery!

These are the dohars a mentioned above (they come in baby size- which I am totally getting for this little nugget- up to king size)

She also has some stunning quilts

And a bevy of to-die-for pillows!

Also available are some antique finds, accents and accessories like these fab woven lamps

This vintage sofa is incredible.

Love these classic framed intaglios

Great strings of beads (I use these all the time when accessorizing shoots!)

Some lovely candles, sprays and scents that I haven’t seen many places…

How about this absolutely INSANE kids play tent???

I hope you enjoyed learning about this great new small business to support! :)

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