January 22, 2020

I Want To Go To There: Relais Christine Paris

I am really looking forward to going to Paris again sometime in the future (with or without kids…hard to make that call, although Henry knows more French than we do!) When I saw this amazing newly renovated hotel, Relais Christine, I thought “yup, that’s where we’ll stay”.  I love the variety of rooms with layered and interesting decor, (including a lot of Pierre Frey fabrics and wallpapers we love).

I also really love how they left a lot of the interesting architectural quirks in the rooms.

OMG, the floors!

They have some rooms that are two levels so if you are traveling with kids, you have a separate area for them to sleep without getting two whole rooms.

They also have garden level suites that connect to the outside…

And look how charming the outside IS! And this is all right in the heart of Paris!

The library where you can enjoy a cocktail and chat…

I adore the lobby area with the geometric marble floors and scenic wallpaper.

And speaking of scenic wallpaper, check out the spa rooms!


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