January 31, 2020

Fashion Friday: Realistic Runway Looks- French Girl Edition

I like looking at runway shows, but rarely do I ever see whole outfits I would actually WEAR (minus some Oscars gowns, of course!)  But when I saw the Celine 2020 show, I was AMAZED at how realistic the outfits were- and so French-girl chic. Simple, classic and so much denim- which really pleases me, the “wears jeans every single day” kind of gal.  Also, I guess flare/ bell bottom jeans are going to be back in this spring, according to Celine?

images via Vogue.com

Of course, very few of us can actually afford REAL Celine, so I gathered up a wardrobe of affordable styles that capture this look- floral dresses, denim, white peasant blouses, faux fur, all black, classic blazers and boucle jackets, slouchy boots and crisp sneakers.



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