January 17, 2020

Fashion Friday: Modern Day March Sister Wardrobes


(I was SO obsessed with Amy’s cape and color story above)

I wasn’t kidding when I said that I had another Little Women post in me.  This time, about the fashion. The costume design in this movie by Jaqueline Durran is GENIUS. It’s period accurate, but somehow a little modern too (two great article on her approach to this film in Vogue and The New Yorker).  So I thought it would be fun to do a wardrobe roundup of what I think the March sisters would wear in modern day today!

Jo’s got a little masculine edge to her look, reminiscent of Katherine Hepburn in a way. She tends to favorite deep reds, ochres and earth tones and is not big on florals.

Amy would be the fashionista of today- designer flourishes and uber-feminine details. She wore tons of light blue in the movie, and so I stuck to that palette plus a nice mix of whites.

Meg is sort of the buttoned up but feminine gal- I picture her shopping a lot at J.Crew or Ann Taylor. She loves pretty things, but is more modest in her daily dressing. The costume designer said green and violet were her “colors” for the film, so I also stuck with that here.

Oh poor Beth. What do you dress a sweet, dying girl in? Comfy stuff, that’s what.  Her innocence screams out for blush tones and sweet details.

A few more Little Women inspired pieces (which there are a shocking amount of coming for spring- tons of ladylike dresses, puffy sleeves, mid-length skirts and floral patterns!)

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