January 10, 2020

Fashion Friday: Capsule Wardrobe Goodness

One of the things that I actually like about being pregnant is the limited wardrobe.  It may sound totally silly, but it really illustrates how little you need to get by day to day with some semblance of style- no endless options, no scouring through your closet among all the items you have barely worn– you are limited to the few things you buy (in my case, lots of affordable basics) that you can pair with cool shoes and accessories. It really dawned on me this morning when getting dressed that I really should approach my normal wardrobe with this kind of strict edit as well. Of course, you want to buy some fun, seasonal additions when the weather changes- but maybe 2020 is my year of the capsule wardrobe- both in maternity and regular clothing?

So I pulled together a collection of most-worn, completely timeless basics that I like to wear into this little wardrobe. Missing is outerwear, a larger variety of accessories and some essentials like white tees and tanks, but overall- I really could get a lot done with just these items! (note: the earrings aren’t linked in the image, you can find them here.)


And now that I’m pregnant and no longer fitting in my pants, these are the items I bought to fill in the gaps- my favorite maternity jeans (three pairs), leggings, slightly roomier and longer sweaters and tops that can grow with me and a couple dresses that can be dressed up or down. Oh, and the most comfy undies because I’m uncomfortable enough, thankyouverymuch. Again, adding a variety of fun shoes, accessories and jackets that don’t need to button makes getting dressed pretty darn easy these days.

Do you dress this way? If so what are your most loved and worn pieces?

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