December 6, 2019

GIFT GUIDES 2019: Treat Yo’ Self

True, it’s the season of giving. But also, perfectly fine to gift yourself a little treat or two as well (cue Parks & Rec meme here.…). It’s the end of a long year, and you shouldn’t feel guilty rewarding yourself a little for completing another 365 days of work and life!  So here are some good gifts to give yourself (but also good ideas for others too…).

  1. A fresh pair of snow boots, like these from the Sperry x Goop Collaboration.
  2. The nicest face cream evvvvveerrrrr– your skin deserves it. :)
  3. A classic everyday bag that will last the test of time.
  4. A new scarf to perk up your older coats.
  5. I have heard this stuff is amazing– an instant facial for those of us who are too busy to get a real facial.
  6. These are very affordable but look expensive.
  7. An all-in-one face palette to streamline your morning routine- such a treat!
  8. These are the CUTEST cashmere slippers ever. Feel like a princess when padding around at home eating cereal out of the box.
  9. I adore these pajamas– so so soft and snuggly but not hot. New pajamas always make me feel like I’m getting my life together for some reason.
  10. I am charmed by the “Christmas by the Sea” concept of this candle.
  11. Treat your bathroom to some fresh, monogrammed towels– it’ll start your day off better to dry off with these.
  12. A gorgeous barrette to dress up second day hair :)
  13. I NEED to drink more water- this bottle helps cheer you on!
  14. Time for some nice, new undies! These Natori ones are my absolute faborite- and also these briefs, because remember, I made a big ol’ statement that after 40 I’m all about comfort!
  15. Also, DRINK THE GOOD WINE.  This Coravin (on sale now!) allows you to take a glass without spoiling the whole bottle. I swore off cheap wine this year, life it too short (also: hangovers).
  16. It’s the year of the statement faux fur coat– get you one. You CAN pull it off.
  17. Daydream or plan a trip for 2020 with this gorgeous book (on sale!)
  18. Peppermint bark pretzel cookies— need I say more?


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