November 27, 2019

GIFT GUIDES 2019: For Kids


  1. I MAY have bought this dollhouse for Henry.  I like how it’s gender neutral and classic (and kind of looks like our house).
  2. These playmats are neutral enough to not to disrupt your decor, and reverse to a cute road graphic.
  3. This kitchen looks as fancy as some of those $500 versions but for $200! Comes in grey/ brass too for $125!!!
  4. These mini guitars look like the real deal!
  5. This balance bike is SO gorgeous. I can’t get enough.
  6. This backpack is so cute and can be personalized!
  7. For the babies in the family, this little sweater set is beyond adorable.
  8. I love this brands little mouse toys, this ballerina box is so charming.
  9. I die over these little animal print booties.
  10. This modern block set lets the kids build their own city.
  11. Henry is obsessed, STILL, with his mini Dyson. The dogs, not so much.
  12. I love these cute beanbag style chairs– they come in a bunch of patterns and are personalized!
  13. A highly rated “tablet” for littles that lets them create their own stories.
  14. This adorable Beetle walker lets them waddle in style.
  15. Dinosaur skeleton Lego sets!
  16. We all are ga-ga over this wicker rocker in the office.
  17. Personalized super hero capes will go over well with little kids!
  18. Another gift I can’t get enough of- the Ponycycle!
  19. How gorgeous is this playhouse? And under $75!
  20. Every kids who has come to our house is OBSESSED with this tiny shopping cart.
  21. Another Henry-approved gift– his beloved “blue car”– best $50 I ever spent. He’s too big for it but still want to use it. He has now moved up to his new obsession – this motorized John Deere. :)
  22. The Kindle Fire is a lifesaver- the case makes is destruction-proof and it keeps kids on parent approved sites/ shows.
  23. Henry adores playing this game with us.
  24. A snow scooter!
  25. Let them color their own shirts– they’ll feel proud wearing them after!

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