November 18, 2019

GIFT GUIDES 2019: For Home

I CANNOT believe it’s gift guide time you guys! WHERE HAS TIME GONE??? First up is For Home, a mix of useful, unique and practical gifts for the homes of those we love!

  1. A gorgeous gift box company that is perfect for sending to those far away for the holidays (or order a few to your home to have on hand for last minute gifts!)
  2. This tall and unique  hand-painted bowl from my collection with Jill Rosenwald.
  3. Farmhouse Pottery is ALWAYS adored by any receiver in my experience.
  4. Pair some cute patterned dinner napkins with 5.) a set of coordinating monogrammed cocktail napkins!
  5. See above!
  6. I adore this frame by Aerin Lauder- substantial and great for any style decor.
  7. This one is adorable for a beachy/ country home.
  8. These art prints of matchbooks from hotels and restaurants around the globe- great if someone has a special spot they love or had a memorable moment at.
  9. Everyone needs a little animal print- this faux cheetah hide rug adds sass to any space.
  10. For someone who may not get a big tree, this tiny tree-in-a- box is adorable.
  11. For a special gift, a custom snowglobe with a model of the recipient’s house inside!
  12. For those who love wine- this purifier takes the sulfites out and enhances taste- plus no headaches!
  13. Adore this affordable collection of home scents-sculptural diffuser, candle or incense bowl.
  14. A gorgeous essential oil diffuser.
  15. A pretty picture album worthy of living on your coffee table.
  16. My favorite faux fur blanket (on sale right now!)
  17. A marble footed bowl– elegant and classic.
  18. These cool match holders would be great paired with a fab candle.
  19. Like this candle, which cracks me up.
  21. These wipeable vinyl kitchen mats looks like tile and add pattern and durability to the kitchen floor.
  22. I adore these games that look like vintage books- a set is a great gift for a family!
  23. A burl tray is rich looking but easy on the wallet.
  24. A self-cleaning water bottle! Yes, it’s a thing!
  25. A small original oil painting is always a lovely gift- can fit anywhere.
  26. This cheese board has knives built right into it so they don’t get misplaced.

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