November 22, 2019

Fashion Friday: Dressing For the Holidays By Effort Level

I did a post like this in the past (I think it was for New Years) styling outfits by effort level. Because when it’s dark and cold, it sometimes requires A LOT of effort to feel and look festive!  So here are some outfits ideas for those times you’re cozy at home to kind of uncomfortable fancy fun on the town!

Of Note: This Dudley fleece top is the exact perfect thing to wear when you want to look somewhat polished but also comfy like a toddler. Also, the sweater at right I have and LOVE, it’s loose and long but not boxy!  Also: these leggings look like party pants but feel like jammies. :)

Of Note: The faux fur scarf I saw in person and LOVE- also a killer gift! I wore the pants at right to my Tuckernuck Pop Up and loved them! Also cute with heels if you want to take this to effort level 2.5.

Of Note: This leopard coat is $88 and perfect to throw over anything and everything.  I also own the coat at right (in another color) and it’s AMAZING for the price. Truly so flattering and elegant.

Of Note: The first outfit is a sequin skirt and top- love the idea of separates. Also super affordable, unlike the shoes I paired with it (yikes!).

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