October 7, 2019

Must Have New Fall Design Books!

(A favorite bookshelf from one of our client projects, featured in my first book- photo by Michael J. Lee)

The one accessory that clients rarely have enough of when we are trying to photograph their spaces for publication are books. There have a been a couple times we have needed to edit bookshelves down, but usually we have to bring in stacks and stacks of our own books to flesh out a space, especially one with lots of built in shelving. And while we may love your tattered series of paperback Twilight books or Harry Potter as much as the next gal, we’d prefer NOT to shoot those :)  Beautiful coffee table books are worth investing in not only for the delightful subject matter inside, but also as decorative objects.  A home is not a home without books!

For the project above we had a truly alarming amount of shelf space we needed to fill. Like, jaw dropping. And the client did not have a tenth of the books needed to fill the space properly.  So we went to a local used book store and bought ALL THE BOOKS. Literally, all the violet colored ones and then some. There are great shops on Etsy that sell vintage books by spine color. When you have SO much space to fill not every book will have meaning and that’s ok. Picking up some beautiful old books is good for the environment and gives your space some patina. Look here, here and here.

And with a bevy of new design books coming out this fall (some by friends of mine-yay!), I wanted to share some of the ones I’ve been coveting or already have seen (I’m looking at you “Down to Earth” and Travel Home– both magnificent!!!)



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