October 28, 2019

High vs. Low: A Casual Dining Room

image/ design: Amber Interiors

Sorry for the very late post today- life has been KICKING my butt recently. So much stuff at work and home and when that happens, the blog tends to be the one to feel the growing pains. Anyways, it’s been a while since I did a High / Low room comparison and I thought a laid back dining room would be the perfect space to do. These rooms looks pretty darn similar, but vary VASTLY in price.  And the “high” isn’t even trade-only pieces, just nicer pieces from retail stores — THIS is why people get surprised at the grand totals for one single room :) It all adds up SO fast… (or not, as is the case of my budget room). Of course, you get what you pay for quality-wise, but by mixing and matching higher end pieces and budget finds you can also find a happy medium!


drapes // light // grasscloth // host chairs // side chairs // table // centerpiece // buffet // rug // mirror



drapes // light // grasscloth // host chairs // table // side chairs // centerpiece // buffet // rug // mirror

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