September 6, 2019

Fashion Friday: White Denim in the Fall

Someone comment on my Instagram yesterday that they and their friends always argue about wearing white jeans after labor day. I am firmly in CAMP YES YOU CAN, certainly until it gets insanely cold/ snow is on the ground. If you live somewhere where it never gets super cold, I say white denim is a year round staple! If you can find some good bone/ off white denim- even better (although it’s hard to source!) But make sure the white denim you are wearing in the fall is THICK and not that lightweight/ stretchy thin denim- that WILL look bad during the colder months.

So I pulled together some outfits showcasing how you can wear white denim in the fall!


I’m obsessed with this first fairisle sweater. I also own and love the navy fleece turtleneck and will wear to death this fall (am ordering these earrings NOW to go with it!)

I just got the #10 sneakers and they are SUCH a good fall color (and suede!) Have ordered #6 and am eyeing #5!

I got #9, the faux suede top and it’s pretty adorable.

#6 is an ivory corduroy- so while not denim, basically the fall version of white denim! Also, #10 is on it’s way to me now :)

(#8 is linked HERE)

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