September 20, 2019

Fashion Friday: How to Wear Faux Suede

I’ve noticed that faux suede is a huge trend this fall– from leggins to dresses and everything in between. While some applications of it can be downright CHEESEBALL, I have come around to using it sparingly and paired with other rich textures and patterns to create a really nice mix (without the sweaty constriction of REAL suede). A few rules:

1) One piece of faux suede per outfit is allowed. Any more and you are at risk of looking like a cheap sofa.

2) Do NOT pair faux suede and real suede. It’ll be a dead giveaway. Stick to regular leather instead in bags/ shoes.

3) Pay attention to quality and fit- both of these need to be really good or else the item may skew “cheap”.

4) Stick to deeper tones- chestnut, dark brown, olive, navy and black. The richer the color, the better the texture will look.

Here are some looks with faux suede mixed with the other hot trends of the season as well: snakeskin, leopard, and camo.


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