August 14, 2019

This One’s Going Out to All the Old House Lovers

(pennant for sale here)

I was going to title this, “Old House Porn” and then figured it would get flagged as inappropriate. When in fact, it is anything BUT. The Circa real estate website is the world’s greatest time suck if you are a fan of historic homes! In our office we have not only lost several hours of productivity since I discovered it, but also spent this morning gasping, oooohhh-ing and ahhhh-ing over houses we can’t buy in states we don’t live in.  Because when you work in this industry, THIS IS WHAT WE CALL FUN!!! So I rounded up some favorites from their site in case you too had not discovered it yet (or their other Instagram site @cheapoldhouses).

I am DEAD over this Forrest Gump style, completely BONKERS plantation home in Louisiana. And it’s only $850k!!! That will buy you maybe a one bedroom apartment in Boston. MAYBE. Arrggghhhhh why do I live here???

I literally CAN NOT with this screen porch.

Yes, just YES.

Or maybe you prefer the quaint charm of this Warren, CT Colonial built in 1759?

Oh hi perfect spot for a dinner party.

This stone beauty is in North Carolina.

This Salisbury, CT house is MY DREAM….. the grounds are to die for too. If only I could live in the country.

Look how wide those planks are on the floor.



This South Carolina home has such gorgeous symmetry…

This Woodstock, Vermont home is full of antique details….

And a BARN or two!

Check out the entrance to this historic plantation home in Virginia on 70 acres.

We all FREAKED when we saw the millwork around this fireplace. They do NOT build ’em like they used to.

Those DOORS!

This Greek Revival in Maine is giving me all the feels.

This beauty in Alabama is a National Historic Landmark.

This “little” house in Connecticut has a guest house and is giving me major “The Holiday” vibes with that fence situation.

Check out the fencing in this garden! So good!

I love that you can search by type of property, from this charming menu of choices:

Also, their gear is SO adorable.

Good luck getting any work done today!!! :)

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