April 8, 2019

More Images that Did Not Make It Into the Book

You can’t print EVERY image you take in a book, so I thought today I’d quickly share some of the good ones that I still think are fabulous, but did not make the cut for the book for one reason or another! All by either Michael J. Lee or Sarah Winchester, who were just the BEST to work with.

This was a cute basement bath we did that just wasn’t reading right in print

A close up from the same house’s dining area (larger image made it but I loved this one!)

A different angle from this gorgeous kitchen– showing the computer/ work station

This is a wider angle of the family room of the kitchen above– other angles made it in the book

A cute kitchen dining nook

And a little entry moment from the same house

Another shot of a nursery that is in the book- this rug was SUCH a find!

And a close up of the bed/wallpaper situation in that same room

Another nursery in the same house that is in the book, but this angle wasn’t shown.

Another angle of this amazing kitchen renovation we worked on (another angle is in the book).

A close up of a corner of the living room- the chair and ottoman were gorgeous existing pieces we worked with. Also I am obsessed with that painting.

A wider angle of the eat in kitchen from above

A close up of this mid-century dining room that is in the book–

This whole living room is not in the book– and is so much more colorful than I typically do so it’s a fun departure for me

A wider angle of the family room in the same house

A close up of the kitchen dining table

And the kitchen that is open to the family room

Another bright, bold rom we did. A few cropped in shots of this room are in the book but this overall is really pretty.

A fireplace moment from that room- we lacquered these antique chairs the owner had in a bright blue and re-upholstered them in a tiny leopard velvet.

You can see the overall of this powder room in the book, but this cropped in image is SO great!

A little entryway moment that did not make it but we still liked!

This angle of my family room– you can sense how dramatic the ceiling is!

My stairs :)

And a wide angle of my bedroom

Ok, I’m off to Atlanta tonight for my events tomorrow! Hope to see you guys there! Check the book website for more info!




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