April 26, 2019

Fashion Friday: Cleaning Up My Beauty Act

I have slowly but surely been trying to incorporate more clean products into my beauty routine. And when I saw this article in JAMA this week about how it’s causing early puberty in kids that had pre-natal exposure to endocrine disruptors and I was inspired to try a bit harder to stick to cleaner products. So I’ve ordered some new stuff to expand on my current favorite items and thought I’d round them up for you here along with some items my team likes as well!


I called out a few that I am really loving too:

  • This Drunk Elephant Retinol product had people asking me what I was doing to my skin a week after I started using it. It REALLY works! Apparently it is STRONG though (according to the Sephora lady I spoke to), so if you have sensitive skin be careful with it. Also, I learned the hard way, NO WAXING when using this product. I lost half an eyelid– LOL.
  • I really love this concealer– it’s light, and doesn’t crease, but still offers coverage and illumination.
  • I really love all my Tammy Fender stuff- especially this cleanser (great if your skin skews a bit dry) and the Epi-Peel. Fast way to exfoliate and get a good glow!

One thing I have not found that I like is clean shampoo and conditioner, so leave a comment if you’ve found one you like!

Also, FYI, M. Flynn is offering readers a 10% off discount for Mother’s Day on my collection with them!  Use code “GATESspring” at checkout.  A few good ideas would be the ball locket, birthstone charm, Heirloom single diamond earrings or the diamond cuff!


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