December 3, 2018

The Wish Lists of the EGD Office!

It’s always fun for me to share what’s on my staff’s wishlist this year because everyone has such different taste- it makes for a really great round up of gift ideas for other people! And it’s a fun way to show off my adorable team! :)


  1. I’m thinking of registering for this china since I’m not a huge fan of my wedding china and that way someone can buy a single piece for me over time and for various holidays!
  2. Classic Burberry trench.
  3. I need some wireless headphones for the gym.
  4. My gold flatware has all but turned silver from the dishwasher so a replacement would be nice!
  5. I am very interested in these sneakers. Anyone have a pair?
  6. I have always loved this Matouk bedding.
  7. I need some more jeans- these are a current fave.


  1. A cute hat.
  2. A bold and fun coat.
  3. This gorgeous painting by Christina Baker.
  4. This new design book.
  5. This cult-worthy face oil.
  6. A cordless Dyson (I can attest, this is fab).
  7. This fun pinky ring.
  8. Perfectly classic ballet flats.


  1. This is a great bag for working mamas with lots to lug.
  2. A small Kayce Hughes painting.
  3. Plaid jammies (monogrammed, of course).
  4. This ADORABLE coat.
  5. This pretty Biscuit bedding.
  6. A classic pair of penny loafers.



  1. This round burlwood mirror.
  2. A simple, modern necklace.
  3. A giant, cozy sweater.
  4. Farmhouse Pottery mugs (we all basically would be happy with anything Farmhouse Pottery- we love them).
  5. This adorable print.
  6. This deep green leather backpack.
  7. A pretty caned tray.


  1. A face steamer for at home spa days.
  2. Sparkly statement earrings.
  3. Cozy jammies.
  4. Unscented hand cream.
  5. This fun Laura Mercier makeup palette.
  6. Hot pink aviators.

Also, tune in Wednesday for a REALLY fun collaboration reveal that could also be a fantastic gift. I’m super excited about this one!!! And if you haven’t already, be sure to enter to win a pair of my new mini Heirloom Diamond Studs from M. Flynn Jewelry on my Instagram page!


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