November 19, 2018

Holiday Dream Gift List with eBay!

One of my favorite shots of my house decorated for Xmas a few years ago by Michael J. Lee

We all are busy making our shopping lists (and own lists) this year for the holidays and I for one, like thinking about what I would get my loved ones if the sky were the limit.  So I partnered with eBay, a place to find hard-to-get, sold out, vintage and other unique items to dream up my fantasy gift list (did you know 81% of the items on eBay are new and available with the “Buy It Now” option too? You don’t necessarily have to get in a bidding war and watch items anymore!)  This kicks off my gift guide series that will continue through the next two weeks! CLICK IMAGES FOR LINKS.

I have had my eye on the Cartier Just Un Clou diamond bracelet, and found one on eBay for less than retail! I’d also treat myself to some bottles of my favorite wine, a great vintage coffee table book about my favorite artist Cy Twombly (I love this cover and have never seen it before) and may as well throw is an antique Swedish Beidermeier chest for good measure (to put all the wine on!)

Andrew is easy, all he wants is a suped-up MANUAL Jeep Wrangler (talks about it all the time), a huge new Samsung The Frame TV and a Polar Express train that can go under our tree. He is, after all, Buddy the Elf’s long lost brother.

Sweet Henry has a friend who has the Tesla Model S Kids car and he is OBSESSED, found this one on eBay for less, and why not a playhouse to go with it? The boy loves a good playhouse and this one is so cute!

Gotta give it up for the woman who helps raise my child to be a super-cool, polite human!  I know she wants a Chloe bag, and this color is perfection.  And I have to get her a scooter so she can keep up with Henry, whom you may have seen is a MACHINE on his scooter!

My mom has always lusted after the gorgeous jewelry of Elizabeth Locke, and I found quite a few pieces on eBay of hers- including this amazing bracelet and earrings.

For the guy who already has everything, and who reeeeeeeealllly likes cars and would quite enjoy an Aston Martin DB9. :) Okay, who wouldn’t?

Both my brothers would love this driver which is supposed to be the BEST, and I found this drop dead gorgeous walnut ping pong table (custom made for you) that I KNOW they would both DIE for!

Of course, there are many, many more slightly realistic gifts you can find on ebay too! I always love giving vintage or antique finds based on what I know people are interested in, and this is a great place to find those kind of items.  I hope you had fun dreaming alongside me! What would you buy your loved ones if there was no limit on what you could spend or find?

*This post was sponsored by eBay and include affiliate links. All selections and opinions are my own. Thanky ou for supporting those businesses that help keep EOS going!

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