July 20, 2018

Fashion Vs. Interiors: Summer Edition

Another episode of my favorite blog game….

Which would you rather?

Curtains and custom baby bedding in this fab Quadrille print (room by Madre Dallas) or a similar print on a sundress?

Classic grey cabinetry with gold hardware or a classic grey leather crossbody bag with gold hardware?

Bright snake print wallpaper or Gucci wallet?

A rattan bag or a rattan tray?

Beachy stripe slides or a beachy striped house?

Black pinstripe shirt dress or vintage chairs?

A blue blockprint pillow or one piece swimsuit.

Cheetah print rug or slides?

Lemon tree wallpaper or dress (I bought this- it’s SO cute)

Turkish rug slides or an actual Turkish rug.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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