June 25, 2018

Mantle Styling 101

When I asked for blog ideas on Insta Stories last night SO many of you asked about mantle styling!  So I decided to focus on just that today for my post.  I find mantle styling to be something that just innately comes to me and not something I always plan out.  Sometimes it takes a little trial and error and moving things around and living with them for  a bit.  But I do have a few tips and tricks!

A little preview shot of my mantle from my next book – photo by Michael J. Lee

A few rules of thumb:

  • I like odd numbers when it comes to mantle styling, unless doing a perfectly symmetrical look like a pair of topiaries or sconces.
  • LAYER- especially when using a mirror above the mantle. Leaning smaller works in front of a mirror is such a rich, curated look that never has failed me.
  • If you have a big mirror elsewhere in the room, use art above the mantle. And vice versa.
  • I like asymmetrical looks of height on one side and lower objects on the other most times.
  • If you have to hang your TV above the mantle stick to something simple that doesn’t block the view. Either a pair of tall skinny items flanking the TV or a row of low smaller items underneath the TV.

Here I styled some various mantles in a way that I would in real life, to help you visualize the possibilities within your own space:

MANTLE 1: art // candlesticks // flowers // object // jar

MANTLE 2: mirror // faux branches // vase // candle // small art // match strike

MANTLE 3: mirror // sconces // drawing // coral on stand 

MANTLE 4: art // candle sconces // antler

MANTLE 5: topairies


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