December 11, 2017

12 Gift Wrap Combos to Love This Season!

I have an extreme love of wrapping gifts. Every year I come up with a theme and get really into it.  Someday when I’m a billionaire (cuz that’s gonna happen, right?) I’ll have a whole wrapping room. I mean, my first job was wrapping gifts at Christmas for my grandparents department store.  Between that and my design career, I basically have a masters degree in wrapping.

So I thought I’d offer up a bunch of paper, ribbon and tag pairings to maybe spur your inner creative wrapping goddess.   I am a huge fan of using two papers combined to create a cool center band down the middle over which I tie ribbon (like below, which was my wrapping look from 2014).  On smaller boxes I mix up using the two papers, but use the same ribbon, etc.   I’ve been known to sue leftover wallpaper, hand paint or stamp my own paper or tags and get into lots of various creative supplies.

There are so many amazing combos from my favorite sources (Etsy, The Container Store, World MarketTarget, Spoonflower) that it’s hard for me to pick!

1.paper, ribbon, tag   2. paper, ribbon, tag   3. boxwood paper, blue paper, tag, ribbon   4.  paper, wood tag, cork ribbon, jute ribbon

5. plaid paper, trees paper, pom pom, ribbon, tag   6. star paper, green paper, ribbon, tag, tassels  7. paper, ribbon, hot chocolate tag   8.  trees paper, birch papertag, ribbon, ornament

9. paper, ribbon, tag   10. paper, ribbon, tag   11. paper, tag, ribbon   12. paper, ribbon, bells, labels

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