November 15, 2017

How Faux Can You Go?

In the Gates household it is not foreign to start hearing Christmas music in July. A certain someone who shall remain nameless (ahem…ANDREW…ahem) is a bit crazy for Christmas. Like if Buddy the Elf and Clark Griswold had a baby it would be Andrew Gates.  Nothing makes this guy happier than the holiday season. So much so that whenever we have looked at real estate he tends to skim over a crappy kitchen or less than ideal layout and laser focus on one thing- OMG WHERE WILL THE CHRISTMAS TREE GO AND CAN WE HAVE MORE THAN ONE (his ultimate dream– a multi-tree house)?  While I am not psyched to hear “Baby It’s Cold Outside” when it is in fact 98 degrees and humid, it is a rather endearing quality, and one that will make this time of year so special for Henry as he grows up.

So, here we are in November and you better believe Buddy Griswold is rearing to go.  But having a toddler makes the whole tree thing a bit more precarious than in years past.  Henry will most likely try to scale the thing and/or pull every ornament off it and run around the house screaming “I got it! I got it!” Which also means needles EVERYWHERE.  And sappy fingers.  And water splashed on carpets. And so I asked the most un-holy of questions the other night…..

Just what would my resident Santa Claus think of getting a FAKE TREE?


His reflexive reaction was “no f*$king way” but then as I showed him some of the amazingly realistic trees and reminded him of how we still find needles from last Christmas in random spots, he started softening. I then reminded him we buy pre-cut trees anyways- it’s not like we’re hiking out into the Maine forest and cutting one down while we sing carols and sip cocoa.  We pick one from a parking lot, hardly a holiday tradition that needs preserving.

And then I brought out my most important piece of evidence to back up my case I came across the other night while reading… let me enter into evidence, the following:

Yup, Martha herself loves a fake tree. Basically, the most holy being in holiday decorating has deemed fake trees worthy.  And you know what? IT WORKED.  The Gates family is giving a fake tree a whirl this year!

Which brings us back to our different approaches to Christmas. I like a more sparse/ rustic tree while Andrew wants a full, robust tree. So I found a great compromise in the Terrain Grandis Fir (available pre-lit and un-lit).

I also personally love the Noble Fir version

I’ve got a basket collar to go at the base, amping up the “natural” feel.

Other similar styles:

Balsam Hill is know for having very realistic trees, I love these two versions below (click images for links).  Fake trees can cost a small fortune if you want a super realistic, high end one so be prepared!

They also have great slim profile trees for those who have tighter quarters.

Frontgate also has some very high end options, like this full and classic Balsam Fir.

Of course, while it’s nice to be able to invest big bucks on a tree, that’s not always realistic.  There are tons of great options at lower price points too (click for link).

Martha has her own line of trees at Home Depot (click for link)

Or maybe a tiny tree for a tiny apartment or as a second tree in an entry or den?

So tell me, how many of you go faux (and why?) I’d love to know the ratio of real to faux!

And side note- my holiday candles are available and I must say, SO good. I especially am loving Cozy Holiday. Not cloying or like you face-planted into a Christmas tree– we had it lit all day int he office yesterday and every few hours I’d be like “Man, I love this candle!”.  That said, Allison thinks she may prefer the Birchwood Pine, also subtle but fragrant. (Click images for link)

Also available are my festive little pillows ( just a hint of shimmer/ metallic) and an truly awesome faux fur pillow that is large, in charge and uber-fluffy!! (The fig velvet pillow is sold out that is shown, but a square version is available!)

And also my navy velvet Greek Key stocking and skirt!





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