October 23, 2017

My Favorite Gadgets for the Home

Susie Homemaker I am not (it may be pretty, but not always tidy), but there are some little gadgets we have at home that really are amazing at making life easier and that I see as really valuable investments in our hectic, busy lives.  I thought I’d share them here in case perhaps you needed recommendations or have your own life-saving device to enlighten us all about!

I hesitated to buy this Dyson cordless hand vacuum for a long time and tried cheaper versions that sucked (or actually, didn’t suck!) This thing is AMAZING. It acts as a dust-buster and powerful vacuum all in one- amazing for easy cleanups or a quick clean before company comes. INCREDIBLE if you have kids and dogs. I have clients who keep one on every floor of their house. For my smaller house, one is fine. :)

I love our Cuisinart coffee maker.  It’s WAAAAAAAAAY more durable and attractive than basic models (this one has lasted us years with no issues, which I can’t say for our old Keurig brand machines). An essential in our house.

We got the new “verbal control” Comcast Xfinity X1 remote and holy amazingness.  It’s incredible! You just say “Ryan Gosling movies” (me) or “Paw Patrol” (when Henry is FREAKING out) and up pops what you want to watch. Henry actually now picks up the remote and tries saying “Paw Patrol” into it (can you tell what his latest obsession is?)

We’ve had really expensive blenders and cheap blenders and none seemed to work for me.  Then I got this little immersion blender and VOILA! It’s so great!  Also handy for purees, soups, etc. with SO much less clean up and mess than a food processor or blender.

Since I don’t have a wall oven, sometimes I run into issues with preparing side dishes the same time as a main dish.  This Breville countertop oven saves the day (and also is great for cooking kids food like chicken nuggets, pizzas, etc.!)

I would not put the Amazon Echo on my list because I find her annoying as all get out, but Andrew LOOOOOOOOVES her. So I am adding that here on his behalf :) I do like the new wood finishes coming out soon though.


What is YOUR favorite home gadget?? Share in comments so we can all check them out!

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